Friday, June 28, 2013

America comes out of the closet

I wanted to post this entirely for John Oliver's comment: "What is it with these people and animals? Every time! This is the only issue, as well, where you go there. It's not like you go there with Obamacare. 'Oh, thank-you, Mr. President. What's next? Are we going to give health care to turtles?'"

(Unfortunately - for some reason - this clip leaves out much of the rest of his comment. You'll have to watch the full episode to hear the rest of this.)

"It's only when you're talking about sex that your... definitely not perverted brains go straight to animals. Look,... look, Senator Paul. It seems like this is a personal fight for you. Perhaps - and I'm just guessing - you're in a relationship with an animal, and you fear that this court ruling is pushing you in a direction where you'd be pressured to get married. But, relax. You don't need a piece of paper to define your love."

Funny, huh? I've wondered this as well. Why do right-wing brains immediately jump to sex with animals? There really seems to be a perverted fascination there, don't you think? Maybe Republicans really have a good reason to stay in that closet, huh?

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jeff725 said...

"Why do right-wing brains immediately jump to sex with animals?"

My guess? That unfortunate by-product of faith-based thinking: the tenancy to exaggerate.