Friday, August 30, 2013

Faith over facts on Bullshit Mountain

Faith-based people don't change very much, do they? The truth of their beliefs doesn't really matter, since they're going to believe them, anyway.

I posted a video clip of that Reza Aslan interview a month ago, so I wanted to post this follow-up. But also, I was struck by how similar to those ancient Christians Fox 'News' is today.

Of course, for Fox, the bottom line is money - even more than political influence. But still, facts mean nothing. Reality means nothing. What's important is what they want to believe - and what they want you to believe, too.

They'll use facts if the facts back them up. But the facts rarely back them up, so what are they going to do? They certainly won't change their mind! No, they'll just believe anyway,... and either deny the facts, or lie about them, or make up new 'facts.'

This is faith-based thinking. This is believing what you want to believe, and not really caring if it's actually true. This is Bullshit Mountain.

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