Book Reviews

Aaronovitch, Ben
     Broken Homes
     Whispers Underground
     Moon Over Soho
     Midnight Riot

Asimov, Isaac
     The Naked Sun

Ball, John
     The Fourteenth Point

Banks, Iain M.
     The Player of Games

Benn, James R.
     Billy Boyle

Biggle, Jr., Lloyd

Blish, James
     A Case of Conscience

Booth, Stephen
     Dancing with the Virgins
     Black Dog

Bujold, Lois McMaster
     Captain Vorpatril's Alliance
     The Sharing Knife (Beguilement, Legacy, Passage, Horizon)

Butcher, Jim
     Storm Front

Campbell, Jack (see also John G. Hemry)
     The Lost Stars: Perilous Shield
     The Lost Stars: Tarnished Knight
     The Lost Fleet Beyond the Frontier: Steadfast
     The Lost Fleet Beyond the Frontier: Guardian
     The Lost Fleet Beyond the Frontier: Invincible
     The Lost Fleet Beyond the Frontier: Dreadnaught
     The Lost Fleet: Victorious
     The Lost Fleet: Relentless
     The Lost Fleet: Valiant
     The Lost Fleet: Courageous
     The Lost Fleet: Fearless
     The Lost Fleet: Dauntless

Cherryh, C. J.

Czerneda, Julie E.
     In the Company of Others
     A Turn of Light
     Rift in the Sky
     Riders of the Storm
     Reap the Wild Wind
     Species Imperative trilogy (Survival, Migration, Regeneration)
     Hidden in Sight

DeMarce, Virginia
     1635: The Dreeson Incident

Downie, Ruth
     Caveat Emptor
     Persona Non Grata
     Terra Incognita

Ehrman, Bart D.
     Misquoting Jesus

Flint, Eric
     1636: The Kremlin Games
     Ring of Fire III
     1636: The Saxon Uprising
     1635: The Eastern Front
     1635: The Dreeson Incident
     Slow Train to Arcturus
     The Crucible of Empire

Freer, Dave
     Dog and Dragon
     Dragon's Ring
     Slow Train to Arcturus

Goodlett, Paula
     1636: The Kremlin Games

Gould, Steven
     7th Sigma

Griffin, Kate
     Stray Souls
     The Neon Court
     The Midnight Mayor
     A Madness of Angels

Grimwood, Ken

Harrison, Harry
     Stars & Stripes Forever
     The Technicolor Time Machine

Hechtl, Chris
     New Dawn

Hemry, John. G. (see also Jack Campbell)
     Against All Enemies
     Rule of Evidence
     Burden of Proof
     A Just Determination

Hill, Reginald
     Midnight Fugue

Hodgell, P.C.
     The Sea of Time
     Honor's Paradox
     Bound in Blood

Hockensmith, Steve
     Holmes on the Range

Huff, Georg
     1636: The Kremlin Games

Huff, Tanya
     The Truth of Valor

Jacka, Benedict

Lawson, Thomas
     Letters from an Atheist Nation

Lee, Sharon
     Necessity's Child
     Ghost Ship
     Mouse and Dragon

Martel, Yann
     Life of Pi

McCarthy, Wil
     To Crush the Moon
     Lost in Transmission
     The Wellstone
     The Collapsium
     The Fall of Sirius
     Flies from the Amber
     Aggressor Six

Miller, Steve
     Necessity's Child
     Ghost Ship
     Mouse and Dragon

Moon, Elizabeth
     Kings of the North
     Oath of Fealty

Sawyer, Robert J.
     Calculating God

Spoor, Ryk E.
     Spheres of Influence
     Grand Central Arena

Stross, Charles
     Halting State
     The Jennifer Morgue
     The Atrocity Archives

Tepper, Sheri S.
     Marianne, the Magus, and the Manticore

Tenn, William (Philip Klass)
     Of Men and Monsters

Vance, Jack
     The Dragon Masters

Walton, Jo
     Among Others

Wentworth, K.D.
     The Crucible of Empire

Willis, Connie
     All Clear
     To Say Nothing of the Dog
     Uncharted Territory

Wilson, Robert Charles