Sunday, July 27, 2014

Interview with Dick Cheney

OK, that last cartoon was just for fun, but I hope that this one also makes you think. Especially if you're a Republican. :)


jeff725 said...

"Facts are debatable." I'm surprised that conservative curmudgeon didn't say "don't challenge my principles." Kind of like this English youth who's a member of the right-wing BNP:

Years ago, I asked a friend (and Rush Limbaugh freak) why he supported G.W. Bush. The answer I got: "He stands by his principles."

Have you ever noticed that about right-wingers, WCG? They're always rambling on about their "principles." (As if they HAVE any)

WCG said...

Jeff, what they mean by "standing by their principles" is that they'll stick with their dogma even when it's been shown to be wrong.

In other words, they're faith-based. No matter what the evidence indicates, they won't change their mind. And they won't compromise, either (even though our entire political system was built on the necessity of compromise).

To a right-winger, that apparently seems admirable. I don't get it, myself. Being wrong isn't especially shameful. After all, none of us is infallible. We've all been wrong on occasion. It's only sticking rigidly to false beliefs that should be embarrassing.

But to right-wingers, that's a badge of honor. I don't get it.