Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hell yes, I'm a feminist

Here's a great post by John Scalzi:
Hell yes, I’m a feminist.

Mind you, I don’t think this declaration comes as much of a surprise. I think people are aware of my general feelings on feminism, and I’ve not been shy about the topic before, when it’s suited me. ...

I don’t think feminism has been waiting for me. It doesn’t need me as a spokesperson or a leading voice. I don’t believe any woman has been wanting for me to be her “white knight.” As I’ve said before, it’s white knighting to assume women can’t defend themselves; it’s not white knighting to stand with them against the shit thrown their way.

But: I do think it’s important to let women know you do stand with them. I think it’s useful for other men to see it being done. To the extent that I have influence and notability, I’d like to use it standing with, and for, women. At the very least, 2014 showed me that it’s where I want to be standing, and to the extent that it’s useful, be seen standing.

Hell yes, I'm a feminist, too. If you've been here much, you'll already know that. But as Scalzi says, it's still important to say.

These days, the internet seems to be positively infested with sexism and misogyny - a minority of men, yes, but very, very vocal about it. We need to be vocal in opposition to that, too.

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