Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Whining: million dollar babies

Funny, isn't it? Such tough guys!

Of course, Republicans like to think of themselves as victims. Conservatives are persecuted by the liberal media who ask 'gotcha' questions, like "what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read?" They're bullied by big, scary college professors. Scientists kick sand in their face at the beach.

Christians are persecuted, too. Remember the 'war on Christmas'? Martyr stories are always very popular. Poor little Christians, only 72% of America (and more than that were raised Christian). How can such a tiny minority survive?

It's hard for even a tough guy, who must always fear that someone will make fun of him. How can they stand it?

Iowa Republicans, at least, had the answer. They refused to issue a press pass to The Daily Show. That would keep them from being mocked, right? Right?

The Daily Show admitted defeat (here and here). :)


Gregg said...

That would be funny, if 40% or more of the voters weren't prepared to vote for whichever republican gets the nomination.

jeff725 said...

Did you see Obama "mic-drop" the Republicans?

Where the hell was THIS Obama in his first term?

WCG said...


WCG said...

Yeah, that was great, Jeff. It's amazing what never again having to win another election - ever - does for a guy, isn't it? :)