Friday, December 2, 2016

Keith Olbermann: The Resistance

That's just an unbelievable level of hypocrisy from Donald Trump, isn't it? I mean, it would be complete hypocrisy coming from any Republican, after how they've behaved in recent years, but especially from Trump.

But then, he has good reason to think that many Americans are idiots, doesn't he? After all, almost as many of us voted for him as for Hillary Clinton. Of course, there's no such thing as facts anymore, right? To the faith-based, reality is whatever they want it to be.

I'm still sick to my stomach about the election, still deeply ashamed of my country. And so far, Trump is proving to be just as bad as I expected. But I can't argue for sanity anymore. Not yet, at least. I have no optimism left.

PS. Did you notice that America's unemployment rate has dropped (again) to 4.6%? It's at the lowest level since the last time a Republican collapsed our economy. How could so many of my fellow Americans be such complete idiots?


jeff725 said...

“After the victory of the raving tongue,

The mind attempts tranquility and rest,

Throughout the war the bloody victor rants,

Roasting the tongue, the flesh and the bones…”

--Nostradamus, C4. Q56

I think I've beaten you to the morbidity basement, Bill. So much so that I've taken to watching Holocaust clips on YouTube.

I wonder if some of these redneck idiots have any idea of the evil they have unleashed with the "election" of Trump?

Remember how I wanted to ask Jody P in the LJS what his Final Solution would be to the "liberal problem?" I wasn't asking that to be melodramatic, I was dead (bleeping) serious. For years I have been reading the comments sections full of conserva-trolls spewing their psychotic hatred of liberals. Just a couple of weeks ago, one said he was looking forward to what happens to the "PC liberals" in the "coming purge."

Unless my Jedi instincts are very, VERY wrong, it's not going to end well for many of us. And I'm not alone; case in point, this cartoon in Alternet:

May our grandchildren forgive us.

Bill Garthright said...

That's a great cartoon, Jeff - and all too true.

But Holocaust clips? I'm just the reverse. I've been spending my time with things that make me happy, desperately trying to forget about the election.

Well, I can't forget about it. But maybe I can ignore it until this feeling of nausea, shame, and depression fades a bit.

Certainly, I haven't been blogging much. What is there that I haven't already said? And obviously, it did no good at all.

Not that I expected to have an impact on the world, but... it would be easy to give up on human beings entirely (and not just those on the right, as that cartoon points out).

You'll have to take up blogging yourself, Jeff. I'm going back to my computer game. :)