Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Donald Trump, troll

I watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah every morning (on the Comedy Central website), but I just discovered they have a brand-new YouTube channel, with excerpts. And I like how Noah describes this.

Yes, Donald Trump is a proven troll who tries to distract from the last crazy thing he said by saying something even crazier. And so far, that's worked for him. The news media eagerly report it and willingly follow Trump off on a new tangent. Every time.

And then, the next week, they do it all over again. None of it ever sticks. Indeed, whenever Trump doesn't show complete insanity - for a brief period of time - the media are all about how presidential he seems, speculating on a 'new' Donald Trump which turns out to be just as imaginary as Trump's stupid claims.

The Republican Party has long put political ambition ahead of country, so of course they go along with it. And Trump's supporters are entirely faith-based, so none of this matters to them. Meanwhile, liberals bicker among themselves, and 90 million Americans can't even be bothered to get off the couch and vote.

We're doomed.


jeff725 said...

Remember when I always wanted to ask Jody P if he has a "Final Solution" to the "Liberal Problem?"

Bill Garthright said...

Yeah, those are crazy people, Jeff. Unfortunately, if you read the comments on that video at YouTube, you'll also see crazy people suggesting that they be nuked. Crazy isn't completely restricted to the right-wing, unfortunately.

I don't know. America is in serious trouble right now, that's for sure. But I'd be careful with that 'Final Solution' talk. Rational people don't need to exaggerate and don't need to push hysterical fear, because we have reality on our side.

There's plenty to make us worried, as it is. I just hope that it makes us worried enough to vote, in every election.