Friday, May 5, 2017

House Repubicans pass Trumpcare

The funny thing is that Republicans were lying when they were talking about 'Obamacare.' But everything they complained about - and more - is what they've done with 'Trumpcare.'

What hypocrites!


Chimeradave said...

It's just so loony I can't even...What are papers in Republican stronghold like Nebraska saying? How can any America think this is a good thing? Do Republicans really hate the poor and minorities that much that they are like "yeah, I won't have health coverage but neither will minorities! What a win!"

Bill Garthright said...

I don't get the local paper here, John, and I usually just check the headlines online, unless I find something I want to - or need to - read. But it seems to me that the paper mostly just ignores this stuff.

Nebraskans are going to vote Republican in almost any circumstance, except sometimes in Lincoln and Omaha. (Lincoln has a Democratic mayor and majority Democratic city council.) For statewide office, it's frequently hard to get a Democrat to even run, since it will be almost a guaranteed defeat.

Of course, the Republicans control district boundaries, so they make sure to keep Democrats a distinct minority in the Unicameral (even though that's technically a nonpartisan office). But they hardly need to bother.

Unlike Southern states which are very red, but still have some chance of flipping, Nebraska doesn't have a large minority population. Nebraska's politicians might criticize Trump, but they'll still march in lockstep with every other Republican.