Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Breaking crazy: Donald Trump's press conference

Though I haven't been blogging, that's not because I haven't been paying attention. And certainly, it's not because the crazy in Washington has diminished in any way. I'm just worn out, I guess - depressed and dispirited.

But I had to post this. The fact that President Dumb-as-a-Trump can't see the difference between George Washington, a guy who did everything he could to support our country, and Robert E. Lee, a guy who did everything he could to destroy it, just blows my mind.

It doesn't surprise me, though. And it doesn't surprise me that Trump continues to encourage neo-Nazis and white supremacists, either. After all, we saw that during the campaign, when he tried to avoid criticizing David Duke and the KKK. So of course that's not surprising.

Will the Republican Party succeed in destroying America before they finally destroy themselves? It's looking more and more likely, isn't it?


jeff725 said...

I refer to him in his North Korean name....Wun Dum-Fuk.

Even my sense of humor is on a low ebb, Bill. And that takes some doing. I just read a very sobering article on BBC's website:

Mary said...

The people that are ultimately going to destroy America are all the Trump supporters, which are amazingly still in strong numbers and their vehicle for destruction is racism, ignorance, lack of education and a world view, religion of the far right variety and just plain hate

Bill Garthright said...

Thanks for the comments, guys, but I'm so dispirited I can't even muster enough energy to bitch about it.

We did this to ourselves! That's all I can think about. It wasn't just Trump supporters, and it wasn't just Republicans. Far more people didn't bother to vote at all than voted for Trump, and there are still people throwing away their vote on third-parties, too (not many, admittedly, but this is after what Ralph Nader voters did to our country in 2000 - are we Americans too stupid even to learn from experience?).

OK, maybe I can muster the energy to bitch, after all, huh? LOL

But not for long. Thanks again for the comments.