Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Republicans just can't help themselves

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Incredible, isn't it? Even as obsessed with homosexuality as these right-wing loons are (what does someone else's sex life matter to me?), they can't help but bring race into it, too.

Think these people aren't racist? Then what does this preamble have to do with gay marriage? Sure, they try to be politically-correct by using the term "African-American" - and I'm sure they're very proud of themselves for that - but just bringing up race all the time shows their racist mindset.

Slavery wasn't so bad, right? Slaves had mommies and daddies, too, didn't they? (After all, someone must have raped slave women in order to produce more slaves.) And we white people know slavery, too. After all, we have to pay taxes! Yeah, think of that! And you think your ancestors had it bad...

That's like the widespread belief these days - and I'm sorry, but I hear it from white men all too often - that white men are the real victims of discrimination in America. Yeah, we've got all the good jobs, and our bosses are all white men, and we live in good neighborhoods, and our median income is ten times the median income for blacks (and we're paid more than white women for doing similar jobs),...

But that's just because we deserve it, right? Yeah, we had to work for that, not like those lucky minorities who get everything they want. Gee, I sure wish I was a minority. Lucky bastards!

Republicans would oppose any Democratic president, of course. And there was no shortage of crazy conspiracy theories when Bill Clinton was president. But the real hysteria today, the complete gibbering lunacy on the right, has a lot to do with the fact that Barack Obama is black.

The right continues to do things like this which clearly show that. But I doubt if they understand why that is. Well, that's because they think it's natural to be obsessed with race, just like being obsessed with homosexuality.

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