Thursday, October 6, 2011

Parks and demonstration

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Parks and Demonstration
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To begin with, I thought it was both funny and accurate that the media has only two settings, "blackout" and "circus." That's exactly how it seems, isn't it?

Then there's: "This group is a laughable gang of disorganized, confused... Nazis. This is an ill-disciplined,... highly-trained,... weed-smoking,... fascist organization." And, of course, it's nothing like the Tea Party, right? Because the Tea Party never camped in a city park!

In fact, these people "really don't like freedom." Oh, well, that's Fox "News" for you.

Yes, these protestors are disorganized. They don't have a single message. They don't have a particular dogma or follow a particular charismatic leader. But that's a bad thing?

We're supposed to have leaders. (And I thought we were getting a pretty charismatic one in the White House a couple of years ago.)  I don't look to mobs - even those I sympathize with - for leadership. But peaceful protest? I just wonder why it's taken us so long.

You don't have to agree with them. But certainly if you praise the Tea Party protests, there's no way you can rationally criticize what's happening here. These are just Americans exercising their constitutional rights.

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