Thursday, July 18, 2013

How black people get away with everything

Racists claim that blacks, unlike whites, can get away with anything. Oh, we poor, poor white people, huh? (Frankly, that whining gets really embarrassing for most of us.)

And yes, Zimmerman supporters are actually claiming that he wouldn't have been charged at all if he'd been black. Can you believe that? How can they say something like that with a straight face? They have to know they're lying, don't they?

Or are they just that stupid? I know that faith-based people can believe anything if they really want to believe it, but aren't there any limits at all?

Forget about the anecdotes here. Anecdotal evidence isn't really evidence at all. But even without that research Ana Kasparian mentions, how could you be dumb enough to believe that black people are advantaged in a majority white nation?

Here's how Fox puts it:

I had to post that, just because it's Fox 'News.' But I've seen that here in Nebraska, too. The media are just desperate to show rioting black people. Yes, they have a narrative they're trying to push, but also, sensationalism sells. Fear sells.

Fox 'News' makes loads of money pushing irrational fear. Do you think that other media companies - corporations all - don't notice that? It's not just the NRA making money - from the gun and ammo manufacturers who back them - by pushing fear. Fear is very, very lucrative for many people.

And it's very useful for right-wing politicians, too - especially when we have a black president. Note that this isn't a conspiracy, because you don't need a conspiracy when everyone can see the benefits of pushing fear for themselves.


Anonymous said...

black need go back to 1920 south

WCG said...

Anonymous, thanks for demonstrating that racism is alive and well in America, even if you're too much of a coward to sign your own name to that.

Anonymous said...

i am a rep i live in the south all my life if i did like people of different faces i move to a little inland were i just be me . coward are ass hole i live in tx and from ms

WCG said...

I'm sorry, but you'll have to speak English. I don't have the slightest idea what you're trying to say here.

Anonymous said...

15% of the population
25% of the government jobs
50% of the attention and headaches
Yet they still whine , and destroy everything
They are not smarter or cool, just whiney racists

WCG said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Your comment is a great example of a typical racist response:

1) You don't use a name. Cowardly racists like you always post anonymously. You don't mind being racist online, but only as long as you can hide behind anonymity, huh?

2) You don't comment on anything I said, or even on anything in the videos I posted. You didn't even read/watch my post, did you? You certainly didn't reply to it. But trolls - to say nothing of racist trolls - aren't interested in thinking. Admittedly, you're probably not very good at it.

3) You pull numbers out of your ass and think that it makes you seem knowledgeable. (It doesn't.)

4) You accuse others of being what you demonstrate yourself (e.g. "whiney [sic] racists"). Do you really think that makes you seem less whiny and less racist? It doesn't, not even slightly.

Your comment is typical in other ways, too (like misspelling words while commenting on the intelligence of others), but I've already given your comment more attention than it deserves - far more.

Frankly, you're rather pathetic. But there's nothing I can do about that. You could change if you wanted to, but no one can do it for you.

Damian9613 said...

WCG said...

So, do you have a comment to make, Damian9613? Do you have a point? I'd prefer that you say something, rather than just post a link.

You can post a link to illustrate your comment, but not just a link with nothing else, please.