Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mark Kessler, America's dumbest police chief

Uh, oh. Someone gave Barney Fife ammunition!

Actually, that's unfair to Barney Fife, isn't it? Barney Fife wasn't a whole lot smarter than this guy, but he wasn't a deranged lunatic.

But crazy isn't on the fringe anymore, not in America. The Republican Party always had its crazy fringe, even before it was taken over by the Dixiecrats. But the fringe normally stayed on the fringe.

Not these days. Now the crazy fringe is the Republican Party. It's certainly the GOP base. Well, that's what you get when you deliberately set out to woo lunatics, for political advantage. Sometimes, you reap what you sow.


jeff725 said...

Big gun, small penis. What do you think? Jody P's kind of guy. :)

As per our conversation the other day, WE aren't the ones proposing "2nd Amendment remedies."

He gets into a bar fight and shoots himself in the hand? My guess is "chiefie" likes to drink "a little."

Anytime I see something like this where a right-winger is talking tough and trying to show what a big man he is, this is my standard reply:

jeff725 said...

UPDATE: "Chiefie" gets slap on the wrist....eerrr....30-day suspension.

WCG said...

Yeah, Jeff, and he only got that much because of all the heat the town is taking from this.

That's a guy who shouldn't even be allowed to own a gun, let alone be in a position of authority over anyone. As I noted above, calling him "Barney Fife" is an insult to Barney Fife.