Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Katrina, the healthcare glitch

Funny, isn't it? This describes my reaction pretty well:
I’ve been noting the similarities between these two events. Just outside my window, the bodies of people who haven’t been able to access a website are stacking up in the streets. The lucky who have survived are huddled together in their own filth in hot, overcrowded stinking shelters, waiting to log in.

And well I remember how Democrats worked for years to gut FEMA. Every Democratic governor pushed all disaster preparedness up to the federal government to make FEMA’s job as hard as it could possibly be, and the forty separate votes by the Democratic Congress to defund FEMA are still etched in my mind.

Mario Piperni adds:
And while you’re congratulating yourselves for revealing the uncanny similarities between the two events, please feel free to ignore the little fact that while Democrats were intent on cooperating with Republicans in finding answers to the problems plaguing aid to Katrina survivors…Republicans are now doing all in their power to obstruct implementation and legislative fixes to the Affordable Care Act.

Let’s just leave that part out, assholes.

The next segment of the Daily Show continues the fun:

And suddenly, Republicans are positively giddy about their election prospects next year. They're all looking like geniuses now, right?

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