Monday, December 9, 2013

The return of the War on Christmas

Here we are again. It's the annual make-believe 'War on Christmas.' Don't you just love it?

I'm with Cenk Uygur on this. First, I do love it. Usually, the idiocy, the propaganda, the blatant lying of Fox 'News' angers me. But this 'War on Christmas' stuff is just hilarious.

And second, I, too, find myself wanting to say "Happy Holidays" just to spite Fox 'News' and the rest of the religious right. I mean, it would never occur to me otherwise, unless I knew that someone didn't celebrate Christmas.

But most of the atheists I know love Christmas. And even if they didn't, Christmas is part of my family tradition, so why wouldn't I say "Merry Christmas" to people (almost all of whom share the holiday with me, whether they're Christian or not)?

Of course, I say "Happy Holidays" if I think it might be received better. The gesture is the same. The intent is the same. I never knew a single person who wasn't a Christian - at least, as far as I knew - all the time I grew up. And that hasn't changed a whole lot even now. But "Happy Holidays" works perfectly well, so I've certainly no problem saying that, instead.

And that's exactly what these lunatics are getting me to do, in reaction. Well, let's face it, that's probably what they want, isn't it? They're making lots of money off this fake 'War on Christmas,' so they want to encourage "Happy Holidays." That just helps them manufacture their outrage and continue convincing the gullible.

I like John Iadarola here, too. "Get your government hands off my Christmas." Heh, heh. But anyway, here's a follow-up:

You know, there really should be something in the Bible about telling lies, don't you think? Maybe in the Ten Commandments or something?

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