Wednesday, June 4, 2014

And now, back to the news

This is very similar to that Onion piece I posted Sunday, isn't it? But this clip also demonstrates the complicity of our 'news' media.

Of course, our corporate media are businesses. They're not in it for their health. And the lowest common denominator is apparently where the money is. Television isn't a vast wasteland for no reason.

And face it, we're not going to do anything, anyway. We might focus on each mass murder incident as it happens, but that's only because we're ghoulish. It's the same reason we slow down to peer at horrific accidents on the highway. But we certainly don't intend to change anything.

Heck, if we didn't do anything after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, we're certainly not going to do anything now. Oh, did I say that we didn't do anything? That's not quite true. Gun-loving politicians actually voted to loosen regulation.

So, yeah, another incident of mass murder in America... Ho, hum.

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