Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mess O'Potamia

You know, our problem isn't so much that Republican Party leaders are ignorant, but that so many of the American people are ignorant enough to be taken in by these tactics.

These people were wrong about everything when it came to Iraq (and most everything else, too), but that apparently doesn't make any difference. The media never call them on it, and they've all still got a soapbox (and not just on Fox 'News,' either).

It was George W. Bush who invaded Iraq for no good reason. Yeah, now they claim that it was to 'plant the seeds of democracy,' but that's not what they said at the time. Now, they're simply trying to cover up the lies they did use to get us into Iraq.

And as Jon Stewart points out, it was George W. Bush who signed the agreement to leave Iraq without leaving troops behind. Republican leaders must know that. They're not that stupid.

But hey, if they can pass the blame to Barack Obama, that's not anything that will keep them up at night. Not if they've been able to live with everything else they've done. Whatever works, right?

But it's to our undying shame that this does work with so many Americans. For the most part, it's willful ignorance, too. And far too much apathy, as well.

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