Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Insanity and paranoia in the Republican Party

"It's like this machine of insanity and paranoia that he [Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-TX] keeps feeding quarters into. And, unfortunately, it's working."

Yeah, it sure is. 60% of Republicans - and 75% of Tea Partiers - actually think that Barack Obama is going to invade Texas, or "aren't sure," because of military exercises our country has conducted ever since we became a country.

Note that my own father was participating in one of those large military exercises, in the backwoods of the Deep South, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. That's how our military practices, when we don't actually have a war to fight - or even when we do, sometimes.

Here's the article TYT links to at the International Business Times. But you know, in regards to the video, I have to feel sorry for Barack Obama. He's just constantly taking flack from the right and the left.

Even in a video like this, describing complete insanity on the right, TYT makes sure to slam Obama a few times, themselves. I guess you're either with us - in every little detail - or you're against us, huh? LOL

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