Thursday, May 14, 2015

This is why I'll miss Jon Stewart

Who's going to hold Fox 'News' accountable, especially in such an entertaining way, once Jon Stewart leaves? After all, The Colbert Report is gone, too.

Oh, well, let's enjoy it while we can.


Chimeradave said...

I have little hope about the new guy they got to replace Stewart. He doesnt seem right for it at all.

WCG said...

I really don't know him at all, John. I mean, I've seen him in a skit on The Daily Show two or three times, but that's it.

Will the Daily Show writers be the same? The other comedians? (Samantha Bee has already left, but they've got a lot of young people who are excellent.)

When John Oliver took over for Jon Stewart, I was surprised at how good he was. The quality of the show didn't drop at all. (Indeed, I wish that Oliver were taking over - or that his own show was available on Hulu.)

So I don't know. Larry Wilmore has not replaced Stephen Colbert. I like his monologues, but not the format of the rest of the show. So I watch maybe a third of it, at best.

He's not bad, but he's no Colbert. But then, who is? Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are hard acts to follow.

Chimeradave said...

I havent seen any segments with him. But he isn't American and so I'm guessing he has a limited understanding of US politics. And the jokes he was making on his twitter account were so corny I have trouble believing he is paid to be funny. I hope the writers are staying. If the show is bad they might start dropping like flies. But who knows maybe I'll be wrong and he'll be great.