Thursday, July 9, 2015

Donald Trump - GOP poster boy

I'm wondering if Donald Trump will remain in the GOP presidential contest much longer. Sure, he's second in the polls, rising in the standings after his idiotic and bigoted remarks, but he's also losing money because of them.

So I wouldn't be surprised if he dropped out. At any rate, I thought I'd post a few cartoons, just in case we don't have The Donald to kick around much longer. :)


jeff725 said...

I like the monster truck cartoon. To be more accurate, Trump is actually driving the king of all monster trucks..."Gravedigger." Because Trump is going to end up burying the GOP (not that they aren't already doing that themselves).

Change of subject. I know you aren't a Husker football fan, but as a fellow Nebraskan, this will make you throw up in you mouth a little....Sarah Palin rocking a Husker hoodie!!

I discovered her act of Husker heresy when the Quitta From Wassilla announced she's shutting down her subscription video website.

I feel soiled. Here's the video via Wonkette....if you have the stomach.

WCG said...

Oh, no! First Michele Bachmann and now Sarah Palin? Who are we going to lose next? Louis Gohmert? Rick Santorum? Dinesh D'Souza?

Thank God we still have Donald Trump! :)