Friday, July 31, 2015

Trumping the Republican campaign

God, I'm going to miss Jon Stewart! He'll be gone in another week. Stephen Colbert is already gone. What am I going to do?

We've still got John Oliver, but he's on HBO. What am I going to do for political humor this campaign season? (Larry Wilmore calls it "The Unblackening." Heh, heh. Yes, I do watch The Nightly Show, but only the opening monologue.)

Incidentally, did you notice that there are now 17 declared candidates in the Republican field? Yes, Jim Gilmore (I know you're asking yourself, "Who?") has just jumped at this golden opportunity, too. After all, there's plenty of room for one more, right?

This isn't the first time. He ran in 2008, too, lasting less than three months before dropping out again. Now, the first Republican Party debate - hosted by Fox 'News,' of course - is only another week away, and he's going to have to beat seven other candidates just to get an invitation.

Personally, I'm praying (secularly) for Sarah Palin to throw her hat into the ring. That's all this circus needs, don't you think?

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