Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Making it rain - the Koch primary

I talked about this two days ago, but it's the last week of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Enjoy it while you can.


jeff725 said...

I'm in one of those moods where I'm saying to the rest of America, "So, you want to elect Donald Trump? I (bleeping) dare you to do it."

But wait, there's more. Trump's hinting about the person he's considering for his VP....wait for it.....CARIBOU BARBIE!!

I (bleeping) dare you to do it, Don. And I (bleeping) dare America to elect them. As if the rest of the world hasn't gotten a strong enough whiff of this steaming pile of arrogance and vanity this country has become.

Speaking of arrogance and vanity, a notorious day in our history. Hiroshima. While the rest of the world pauses in solemn silence, the usual peanut gallery of right-wing rednecks vomits up the usual spewage:

-- playing the "Pearl Harbor" card

-- playing the "Bataan Death March" card

-- playing the "Rape of Nanking" card

-- last, but not least, playing the "They-got-what-they-deserved" card

'Murica, baby!!

WCG said...

What's depressing is that the other Republican candidates aren't any better - not even slightly. They're just more cautious about the way they put it (well, except for Cruz and Huckabee, maybe).

Republicans worry that their 'brand' might be hurt by Donald Trump saying out loud what he's only supposed to say in coded language. But I'm worried that he'll make the rest of them seem sane in contrast.

What has happened to our country? Oh, yeah, Fox 'News.'