Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What a beautiful baby...

And Trump's argument is that other people are worse. Funny, isn't it? In some ways, he's such a typical Republican. That's the argument I hear from Republicans all the time, about nearly everything. They don't even attempt to defend themselves, but simply claim that other people are just as bad, if not worse.

Of course, Donald Trump takes it so far that no one is worse. But that's how he's taken the lead in the Republican primary contest. He says the same things other Republicans say, but just doesn't try to be subtle about it.

That's why Republican Party leaders are aghast at his candidacy. Of course you can be racist, sexist, religiously bigoted, and xenophobic. Indeed, that is the Republican Party these days (plus tax cuts for the rich, of course). But you're supposed to be subtle about it, so that non-bigots can pretend.

Still, even for Trump, this clip is astonishing, isn't it? Donald Trump is a clown. It's embarrassing to our entire nation that he's a serious candidate for any political office in the land, let alone leading in one of our two main political parties for President of the United States.


jeff725 said...

"He says the same things other Republicans say, but just doesn't try to be subtle about it."

But, but...he's just "telling it like it is." Thus is the retort from Trump's followers. Indeed, they have completely forsaken the sly Republican "talking in code." They just spew.

Going back to the debate I had with my doctor about Bernie Sanders' "socialist utopia," as he put it. OK, what about the conservative utopia where "rugged individualism" reigns supreme? Where everyone "pulled themselves up by their bootstraps" (self-reliance, you know)? And, of course, "those" people "knew their place?"

Who's living in the utopian fantasy world?

WCG said...

Yup. But Republicans are faith-based, not evidence-based. They cling to those fantasies and don't really care if they're true or not.