Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A win for hate and nonsense

Well, after losing Indiana, Ted Cruz has dropped out of the presidential race, so it's smooth sailing for Donald Trump to win the GOP nomination.

Wow! Hard to believe, isn't it? Republicans have actually chosen that clown to be President of the United States!  Who could have predicted this?

Of course, it's not that Ted Cruz would have been any better. In both cases, I'll refer you to my earlier post about how the Republican Party's hate and nonsense debt has come due. (And no, that's not my phrase. I was paraphrasing Josh Marshall at TPM.)

That's still my opinion, so I won't repeat myself here. I've done that often enough, already. But now, we'll see Republican Party leaders changing their tune about Trump, don't you think?

And really, he just does Republican hate and nonsense better than they do. They might be unhappy about that, but they'll get over it.

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