Friday, May 6, 2016

Donald Trump: Republican Party unifier

This is a campaign ad from Hillary Clinton. Pretty good, isn't it? I don't think I've ever agreed with so many Republicans as much as I do here.

Of course, I don't see it changing any minds. If you supported that boastful clown in the first place, you're beyond reason. And the majority of these Republicans - who know exactly how bad Trump is - will still back him in the general election. Few will put country above party.

After all, this is the same party that deliberately used racism for political advantage. This is the same party that, as our country was collapsing in the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, pledged to do nothing to help, in order to make the situation as bad as possible for our first black president. This is the same party that committed treason against America to advance their own political ambition.

Donald Trump is a natural progression from that. So is Ted Cruz, who was Trump's only real rival on the campaign trail. This is the Republican Party Republicans have created from decades of their Southern strategy of deliberately wooing white racists.

It all comes back to that Southern strategy. In the 1960s, Democrats chose to do what was right, rather than what was politically advantageous. In response, Republicans chose to do what was wrong, because it would give them a lot of political power. (And it did. Using racism was wildly successful.) Today's Republican Party - Donald Trump and all - is the result of that.


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WCG said...

Share whatever you like, Autumn, provided there's a link back to the original post.

This isn't much of an article, though. Like most of what I post these days, it's just an embedded video with a few comments. So I'm a bit skeptical.

But good luck with Writer Beat.

barney said...

Great blog Bill, just found it and will enjoy reading a side note I notice your site is taking forever to finish loading while here today.

WCG said...

Thanks, Barney. I'm sorry about the loading problems, but if there's anything I can do about that, I don't know what it is. I just write this stuff. :)

(Of course, these days, I embed a lot of videos, so maybe that's the problem? I used to write a lot more posts, but I've gotten away from that.)