Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July

I needed some optimism, I guess.

I am even less a fan of over-the-top über-patriotism (more suited to North Korea or the old Soviet Union than America) than I am of fireworks. And I still can't believe anyone is supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States!

But I still have confidence in our Constitution and our whole system of government, if not so much in my fellow citizens. Well, we do progress. It's just slow (and never guaranteed, so make sure you vote, in every election).

Anyway, enjoy the holiday. We have good reasons to celebrate. We do not need to "make American great again," because we already are great. In fact, America is even greater now than it was in the past. (Obviously, "great" doesn't mean "perfect." This is the real world, after all.)


jeff725 said...

Things that made me happy on the 4th of July:

Watching conserva-trolls go batshit every time there's an article that serves as an uncomfortable reminder that most of the Founding Fathers were rich, white slave owners.

Spending the day sanding and staining my back deck (OK, that doesn't make me happy, but it's gotta be done).

In the evening, instead of literally burning up my money shooting off fireworks, I took a nap on the couch.

Bill Garthright said...

Good. Hang in there, Jeff!