Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Scathing Atheist podcast

The Scathing Atheist, Episode One

(Note: I'm experimenting here, so I don't really know if that mp3 player is going to work.)

I listen to podcasts sometimes when I'm working in the yard or taking a walk, and this week, I stumbled across The Scathing Atheist. It's absolutely hilarious! (And I don't normally have a particularly high tolerance for dick jokes, either.)

I listened to the most recent episode first, #176: Texas Fetus Massacre Edition, and I was hooked. Since then, I've listened to several more of the recent episodes, then started through their archives from the beginning.

The audio file above (assuming that I got it to work right) is their very first episode, from January, 2012. (If I didn't get it to work right, maybe you can just click on that link.) As you can tell, they didn't need any time to get up to speed.

The same people also do a podcast, just as funny, called God Awful Movies, where they pick a different Christian movie in each episode to eviscerate. I love it! You can also get the podcasts - many of them, at least - on YouTube here. They're still just audio only, as far as I know. But that might be more convenient for you.

I was running out of podcasts, since I've already listened to the entire archive of The Atheist Experience TV show. And I listened to The Human Bible before that podcast ended, too. Yes, there are many more out there, but some just hold my interest better than others. But I don't think I've ever found another as funny as The Scathing Atheist. Check it out.


jeff725 said...

It's working, Bill.

Bill Garthright said...

Heh, heh. After I tried about four different ways of doing it! Thanks, Jeff. I'm glad to know it finally works.