Saturday, September 10, 2016

Seth Meyers: national security

A closer look, by comedian Seth Meyers, at Donald Trump's national security comments.

How can anyone be planning to vote for Trump this year? I just don't get it.

PS. And again, Vladimir Putin didn't call Trump "brilliant." He called him "flamboyant." It was translated as "brilliant" at first - brilliant in the sense of shiny or colorful - but that's a misleading translation in English.

It's like how a light bulb can be "bright." You're not saying that the light bulb is intelligent. Yes, Donald Trump is bragging about something that wasn't actually meant as a compliment. That's how clueless he is.


Mary said...

I live in a town with mostly Trump supporters....I am not but keep it to myself. I see it as mostly a hatred of the Clintons, her especially. Also older white people who feel their culture and view of what's moral that has been for generations, is being threatened by change. Military are usually conservative and religious and hate the Benghazi thing. Many supporters are not college educated, especially in liberal arts to where they would have had a more "worldly" view. Some see the news with all the cop killing stories and crime out of control, not to mention the constant threat of terrorism and it causes fear and anger. Many are tired of years of politics as usual and just want something..anything that might shake it up. You're right, they don't care what he says or does, they just don't want her and they want something different. I actually understand their feelings, while I think it would be a mistake to elect him.

Bill Garthright said...

Why do you keep it to yourself, Mary? In a democracy, we're allowed to have different opinions. I suspect that there are more people like you than you think, but all too many of you "keep it to yourself."

Now, if you don't like to argue, that's perfectly understandable. But you can stand up for what you believe while refusing to argue about it. Are you worried that you'll face discrimination? Maybe you own a business there?

It's none of my business, of course. I was just wondering. I like to debate some issues, but not others, and usually I do my debating online. When I'm with people I know, I'd rather ignore our differences.

Arguing is unlikely to change a person's mind, anyway - at least, not when he's already made up his mind.

But I do think it's important - critical, even - to stand up and be counted. I live in a very red state, but you'd be surprised at how many positive comments I get when I'm wearing a t-shirt with a political or religious message. (Believe it or not, I've never received a single negative comment.)

And I don't think it's wise to let Trump supporters win by default. I don't necessarily want to argue with people I know, but I want to make it clear where I stand. It's important to stand for something, and I'm certainly not ashamed of my stance on the issues. Just the reverse, in fact.

As I say, it's none of my business. I was just curious. Thanks for commenting!

Mary said...

It's rather simple for me. I dislike confrontation but mostly, I also just moved to this area after the death of my husband three years ago. I have a few friends here but I don't want to jeopardize these budding friendships, as I am quite frankly, lonely. At my older age, it's not worth it. I'll vote my concious at the booth. I will tell you, I truly liked Bernie Sanders and feel the current choice is not good either way. He seemed the most sincere and honest.

Bill Garthright said...

That makes sense, Mary. Both reasons make sense. I suspect that there are more liberals around than you think, though. Good luck!