Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Welcome to Liemart

Seth Meyers does such a good job. And Donald Trump just gets loonier by the day - demonstrably loonier. But is any of this going to make any difference? What has happened to my country?

Note that this 'birther' crap was always about racism. There was never anything else to it. Racists simply would not accept that a black man was legitimately the President of the United States.

And Republican leaders encouraged it. Donald Trump certainly pushed this racist lie, though he was far from the only one. Even Republicans who are unhappy with Trump as a presidential candidate were still very eager to use racism for political advantage and very happy that Trump was keeping the issue alive.

But the fact that Trump can lie about this, just as he lies about opposing the Iraq War and lies about opposing the military effort in Libya - among many, many other things - and gets away with it, despite documented proof that he's lying,... that just blows my mind.

As Seth Meyers put it, "The bottom line is this: Trump built his career on a racist lie, because he's a racist and a liar. And instead of denouncing that lie, the GOP doubled down on it completely. And now Trump is trying to trick people once again by convincing them he was never really a birther at all, and that it was Hillary Clinton who started it."

Unfortunately, reality doesn't matter to the faith-based. The truth doesn't matter to Trump supporters, not even a little bit.

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