Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Scathing Atheist: President Trump

"Apparently, the majority of voters don't care what's true."

Amen! I don't even want to think about the election. I'm still so disgusted with my country, so disgusted with my species, that I don't think I'll ever regain the relative optimism I once had.

I never thought we'd be this fucking screwed up! Never in my life did I imagine that America would be this ignorant, this gullible, and this dumb. I've never expected perfection, but I certainly expected better than this!

But I was wrong.

Anyway, I sure as hell don't feel like picking at this bleeding scab anymore. But this expresses what I feel quite well, so I thought I'd post it. (He's actually more optimistic than I am. But then, at my age, I won't live to see a sane Supreme Court again.)


Jim Harris said...

I've been rethinking this election. You and The Scathing Atheist see the 2016 election as a giant act of stupidity. I'm starting to see it as a giant act of desperation. Anyone who thinks Donald Trump can help them is desperate. Whether or not they are actually desperate is another issue. Their perception of now and the future must be nightmarish to imagine that Donald Trump can bring about a change. What I worry about now is what happens when Trump doesn't save them. They might feel relief at the moment, even hope. But what will they do when Trump lets them down?

Chimeradave said...

They won't be let down because every Trump voter I've talked to says "he's better than Hillary." So no matter how bad it gets they will assume she would have somehow done worse.

Chimeradave said...

But on the other hand they will be disappointed/ feel betrayed when he doesnt deliver on various campaign promises like when he doesn't build the wall, doesnt improve healthcare, crashes the economy, etc

Bill Garthright said...

Jim, you say desperation, but I say cowardice. And gullibility. And a ridiculous degree of ignorance.

The George W. Bush administration ended in the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. When Barack Obama took office, the collapse looked to have no bottom. And we were still stuck in two wars, neither of which we should have started.

It was reasonable to feel desperation then. But Obama stopped the economic collapse and got us growing again, against the united opposition of the entire Republican Party (which wanted things to stay terrible, so they could get back in power again). He kept us safe, and the dollar strong.

Everything Republicans told us turned out to be a lie. Not one of their hysterical fears of Obama and the Democratic Party turned out to be true. Hell, I invested my money on the expectation that everything the right-wing told us would be a lie,... and that was the best investment decision I've ever made in my life!

But to most Americans, reality doesn't seem to matter. Americans are faith-based, not evidence-based, and we seem to be gullible as hell and the biggest cowards in the world.

And John, I expect that the Republicans will have trouble governing. Bomb-throwing anarchists usually do. But so what? I've lost every bit of respect I've had for my country and every bit of optimism for the future.

If we're this stupid, there's no hope for us.