Sunday, January 15, 2017

Donald Trump's war with... America

I can barely stand to even look at this stuff anymore. What has happened to my country?

Donald Trump brought cheerleaders to his press conference - and props that couldn't have looked less real. What, no Trump Steaks?

And he praises himself for avoiding impeachment. He seems to think he deserves credit for that. Is the bar really that low?

His cabinet picks are as bad as he is, and he hasn't even gotten to the Supreme Court yet.

Note that Republicans wouldn't allow Barack Obama to pick a Supreme Court justice with nearly a year left in his second term. They said that the people should decide. Well, the people had decided when they elected Obama. Twice.

But OK, if the people should decide, then Hillary Clinton should pick the next justice, because she received nearly three million more votes than Trump did. She might not have become president, but the people chose Hillary.

Of course, those Republicans were lying about that, and they continue to lie. I can't imagine why America still believes them. That just blows my mind - and crushes my heart.

Well, it's full employment for political comedians, at least - until the concentration camps get built, anyway.

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