Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Can we impeach this guy yet?

Incredible, isn't it? We can't even keep up with this stuff!

I used to think that Donald Trump was golden for political comedians, but I'm starting to feel sorry for them now. After all, every time Seth Meyers gets a monologue prepared on the latest Trump scandal, there's another scandal just minutes before he goes on air.

Yeah, Trump gave the Russians classified information - stuff so secret that it hadn't even been shared with our allies, let alone with Congress. And after having his people lie about that (National Security Advisor McMaster, who took over for disgraced General Flynn, flat-out said that the story was "false"), Trump admitted it.

That's a big deal! Both the action itself and the lying about it were big, big deals, but now, that's just... yesterday's news. Because today, we hear that Trump tried to get FBI Director James Comey - the guy he fired because, as Trump eventually admitted, of the Russia investigation - to stop the investigation into General Flynn's ties to the Russians.

Can you keep all of this straight? It seems like every day there's a new impeachable offense from our Clown in Chief. And every day, Republicans in Congress try to ignore it, or minimize it, or otherwise avoid actually doing their duty.

This might help. It's the timeline Meyers mentions in the video above:

Monday - We learned that Barack Obama had warned Trump about hiring General Flynn, the guy fired in disgrace, because of his undisclosed ties to Russia, less than a month after Trump hired him as National Security Advisor.

Tuesday - Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who's been investigating this Russia stuff.

Wednesday - Trump met with Russian diplomats, including an accused spy, in the Oval Office (giving Russian photographers access, but not the American news media).

Thursday - Trump admitted that he'd fired Comey because of the Russia investigation (after having his representatives lie about it using two other, contradictory explanations first).

Friday - Trump threatened Comey with secret tapes of their conversations (while refusing to divulge whether or not those tapes actually exist).

Saturday - The Justice Department interviews Trump-friendly replacements for Comey.

Sunday - Mothers Day. Trump was golfing.

Monday - We learned that Trump gave the Russians in that meeting highly-classified intelligence information.

Today - We learned that Trump had asked Comey to shut down the investigation into Flynn.

Thank god for the holiday, huh? This is not normal. It's excessive even by Trump standards, don't you think?

How many different ways does Trump have to attempt to obstruct justice before the Republicans who control Congress will start impeachment proceedings - or even agree that we need a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of this mess?

If Barack Obama had done any of this stuff, he would have been gone months ago.


m1nks said...

I don't think you can - you have a Republican Congress and I'm pretty sure that it's written in the Republican Rule Book that they won't ever admit that they have supported a total nutjob - 'Who Him? Nah, he's just new to the job. He'll settle down, it's all good!'

Chimeradave said...

I've been like reading news non-stop. Everytime you hit refresh there is a new scandal. It's hard to keep up ;)

Bill Garthright said...

Unfortunately, m1nks, there are a lot of Republicans in Congress who'd rather have Mike Pence as president than Donald Trump.

I say "unfortunately," because Pence is just as crazy as Trump is, only he knows how to act in public.

Republicans are still resisting, because impeaching their own president would cause repercussions even within their own party. (Trump still has his rabid supporters.) But I suspect that we'll see President Pence before the year is out. And that won't be good.

John, I know what you mean. If you don't keep checking the news throughout the day, you'll miss the latest bombshell which has already replaced yesterday's bombshell.

I'm starting to pity these comedians. Even when their show airs nightly, it's often obsolete in the sense that there's some new outrage that's on everyone's mind by then.

Chimeradave said...

Yeah, how does SNL do it anymore? They start to write the political sketches on Monday but by Saturday that is ancient news.