Saturday, October 7, 2017

Do... something!

But, of course, we won't, huh?


Mary said...

NRA has bought and paid for many Republicans and a few democrats. Good old boy mentality, love of killing innocent animals, skewed view of blacks and crime (thanks media), fear promoted by Republicans and the NRA, machoism of men thinking guns make them a man, hatred and judgement of people not like us and on and on, make this likelihood of sane proposals of some gun control impossible for all time. And remember also, it is a HUGE money making industry. Money will always rule against doing the right thing.

Mary said...

Great video by the way

Bill Garthright said...

It all comes down to money. And yes, I like this guy. I don't watch any other Cracked videos, but he does a series of these videos, and they're all great.

Thanks, Mary.