Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fox News struggles with the Las Vegas shooting

I really don't want to be talking about the Las Vegas shooting, given how many times we've had this same discussion.

I'm tired of it all. We won't do anything. We know we won't do anything. We'll just wait until the next mass shooting and go through it all again. Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station even uses the same post he always uses for these recurring events.

So what's the point?

Of course, I could say the same thing about hypocrisy at Fox News, couldn't I? What's the point? We know that they're hypocrites. They're struggling a bit here since the killer was an older, apparently-wealthy white man, that's all.

I'm fed up, I really am. But Trevor Noah does a good job with this.


Mary said...

No comment.....insanity reigns

Bill Garthright said...

Thanks, Mary. I'm always glad to see you here, even though I also feel guilty, since I've pretty well abandoned blogging.

Well, I told myself from the beginning that I didn't want it to become a chore. And it's not as though I ever had many readers,... but I certainly appreciated those I did have. Thanks for hanging on, despite everything.

Mary said...

I enjoy your posts even if they are infrequent. I follow another blog by a man who also has few commenters and writes very interesting posts. I see you have a long history of many posts from the past. I'll read them all and that'll keep me busy for awhile. I enjoy thought provoking postings. I follow several that are quite good. It's quality not quantity anyway....
I do feel people are getting burnout with the hopelessness of our current political situation. For me, it's realizing how many people are gullible fools and follow this man and who would vote for him again. I'm very disappointed in humanity. I don't see much hope for the future, sadly.