Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Briefly, Fox & Friends no longer biggest boobs on TV

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So, do I have to worry, too? I mean, if Chaz Bono is "celebrated and lifted to heroic proportions" like this, am I at risk at deciding to cut my dick off and become a woman? Or is it only women who'll rush to do the reverse?

Or have Fox "News" and the American Family Association just completely lost their minds? You decide.

Then there's this "wardrobe malfunction." Frankly, there was nothing funnier than the complete and utter hysteria over that previous Janet Jackson episode. Yes, there's nothing like a glimpse of a nipple to warp our children for life, huh?

So, will we see the same hysteria over this nip slip?  Or will the fact that it was a white breast make a difference? (As an adolescent, I was... intrigued at television documentaries which would show naked breasts on African girls, but which would never show such things from a beach in France - even though, in both cases, it was local custom.)

I grew up hearing many of my parents' friends just obsessing about interracial couples. Oh, there were very few in northeast Nebraska (I was in college before there was ever a black kid in any of my classes), but those few were the objects of an embarrassing degree of fascination, which quite frankly seemed to combine racism with their own sexual fantasies.

But I always used to wonder why it mattered to anyone else. I still do. Why doesn't the American Family Association mind its own business? Or is this also about right-wing sexual fantasies?

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