Friday, September 2, 2011

More on the Christian national registry of atheists

I posted about this yesterday, but it seems to be getting a lot of my fellow atheists worked up. Good!

As I said yesterday, Pastor Stahl is a nobody, but he might be doing some good if he gets us atheists standing up to be heard. We've seen the success that gays have had in coming out of the closet, and we should emulate that.

Of course, that's easy for me to say. I have nothing to lose. It's not so easy for many atheists.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you dragging these cretins into the light of day. I fall in with Tracie's camp, I think the best reaction to them is mockery and marginalization.
They are just like the Westboro Baptist Freak Show and Terry Jones (Quran burner). They're profiteers of hate. Any attention, other than laughter, supports their raison d'etre.

Speaking of freak shows - if you liked the X-Files episode "Home" (Peacock family),
I'd like to point to you to a quick (26min) podcast called "Bruise for Bruise" -
The one preceding it, "Corps Cadavres", is also highly enjoyable.
I respect podcasts aren't your thing, but knowing you're a craftsman of the written word and a sci-fi fan..
Both episodes, literally, brought a smile to my face in appreciation of the mastery of a well crafted story.

Also, Chuck Hagel's vintage has appreciated with time. Here's a short video of him calling out the ideologues in his party this week:


WCG said...

Any attention, other than laughter, supports their raison d'etre.

Yes, I completely agree with that, Beets. I can respect people who honestly disagree with me, and I'll gladly take serious people seriously. But for some things, the only appropriate response is laughter and ridicule.

I'll try to get to those podcasts sometime. And I think I'll post that video of Hagel. (He's a guy I often disagreed with and never voted for, but whom I still respected.) Thanks for the links!