Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Daggerfall installer

Of course, I was a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, first released in 1994. In some ways, Bethesda Softworks took a wrong turn after that (and certainly after the third in the series, Morrowind).

The game is free these days, but it's an old game, and they don't always want to run well on modern computers. Well, it isn't new, but I just discovered this really nice Daggerfall installer. If you want a bit of nostalgia, this makes installation so easy, you really have no excuse not to give it a try. :)

Seriously, it's great! It installs the complete game, plus DosBox (with everything all set up for you), and includes not just the latest official patch, but unofficial patches and mods, too (which you can select to use or not, your choice). It's really a piece of cake - and all free, including the game.

After discovering this, I've been playing a little bit of Daggerfall again. True, I won't be playing much of it, much as I loved the game when it was first released. The game is wonderful, but we've advanced in so many ways since then.

It's not just the graphics. The primitive graphics don't bother me at all. But we've advanced when it comes to game interfaces, too. Yes, you can set up whatever key scheme you want. (It took me longer to do that than to install the game, not even close.) But movement still seems very awkward.

It is fun revisiting the game, but it won't be something I'll play for long. Still, it was well worth installing it, given how easy - and how free - it was. If you never played the game, I don't know if you'll understand why we were all blown away by it in 1994, though.

It's hard to return to those days, even when I loved them.

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