Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Halloween costume

(all images from It's Alive)

Yeah, I thought I'd dress up as a Borg from Star Trek this year. What do you think?

I thought about going as Spock, but everyone does that, right?

It's the same problem with Batman:

And the Wolfman costume just looked too itchy:


jeff725 said...

The Borg one seems to be working the best. :)

Something I've been meaning to ask you since I've started corresponding with you: Is there a back-story behind your Karloff avatar? I think I've already told you I use George Carlin as my avatar because I consider him my political/social/philosophical guru.

Jim Harris said...

Borg is the best.

WCG said...

Short answer: No.

I could invent something, I suppose, but the fact is, I just saw it on the Internet somewhere, and I liked it. Since I don't have a single picture of myself on the computer anywhere, I just decided to use that.

Gregg said...

What Bill hasn't told you is his avatar is actually his high school graduation photo. Unfortunately for Bill, he takes after our father's side of the family. I favor my mother.....