Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Back to the torture

This just astonishes me! Cheney? Rumsfeld? Bush? The people who lied to get us into war and then tortured prisoners of war in order to try to justify it,... how do they dare even show their faces in public?

And why would anyone listen to them when they do? Why would anyone even care what they think? We're still trying to dig out of the first war they saddled us with, not to mention the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, thanks to their idiotic domestic policies.

Yes, Dick, it was torture. For a good century, certainly, America had considered it torture when it was done to our own troops, at least. If you don't consider it torture, I'd love to see it done to you. (Oh, man, how I would love that!) Then we could see what you thought after that.

And Rumsfeld? Please grin your way back under that rock you crawled out from under!

At least Bush is so embarrassed, or clueless, or simply unwelcome even in his own party that he generally stays under that rock. But when he crawls out, it's to softball interviews and art exhibits? He's apparently not embarrassed enough, huh?

By rights, all three of these people should be in jail right now. But there seem to be no consequences for crimes committed by the wealthy and politically connected at the highest levels of our society, and there's certainly no consequence to being criminally wrong about pretty much everything.

But why in the world would people still listen to anything they have to say? Haven't they done enough damage to our country? All three together aren't worth a bucket of warm spit.

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