Thursday, April 10, 2014

The inevitable result of our Republican-controlled Supreme Court


jeff725 said...

Of course you know the conservative reply to this:

"But, but...George Soros."
"But, but....unions."

From the bang-your-head-here dept: Creationists are now questioning the SPEED OF LIGHT.

WCG said...

As you know, Jeff, the fact that Democrats can take advantage of these decisions, too - although to a much lesser extent than Republicans - does not make the decisions right.

Sure, there are rich people on both sides (though not nearly so many on ours), but that still doesn't mean that the rich should control America. As you know, of course.

Re. the speed of light, that's nothing new. I've heard that for years. But note how it implies a trickster god, a 'God' who's deliberately trying to fool people into thinking the universe is older than it is - apparently so he has a good excuse for torturing them for eternity in Hell. Nice guy, huh? :)