Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Broken Homes" by Ben Aaronovitch

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Broken Homes (2013) is the fourth book in Ben Aaronovitch's Peter Grant (Rivers of London) series. It's been a few weeks since I read it, and I don't have too much to say about it. (There's a connection between those two facts, but I'm not sure which is the cause and which the effect - maybe some of both in each?)

If you've read the first three books - and you do need to read this series in order - you'll know what to expect. (If not, read my reviews of them.) That's not a bad thing, since the series has been very entertaining. Even the shocking surprise at the end of this book is reminiscent of the first book in the series.

But I worry where this series might be going. Mostly - almost entirely - that's because I dislike recurring super-villains. I don't particularly like villains at all, but I positively hate recurring super-villains. That's just personal taste,... but so is everything else I say about a book. :)

Still, who knows? Certainly not me. Clearly, the author doesn't mind surprising his readers, so I really have no idea if that's where he's going or not.

As I've said before, I like Peter Grant's scientific, evidence-based approach to magic, so I'd really like to see more of that. This is fantasy, of course, but he approaches magic like a scientist. That doesn't seem to the traditional way magic has been studied, so I'd love to seem more results from that.

But that's more than enough of speculating about the future of this series, isn't it? This book was very entertaining, with a shocking surprise or two. If you enjoyed the first three books, you'll enjoy this one. As for the fifth book, we'll just have to wait and see.

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