Saturday, August 9, 2014

Helping the Yazidis

Here's the article in the New York Times:
In addition to protecting Americans in Erbil and Baghdad, the president said he had authorized airstrikes, if necessary, to break the siege on Mount Sinjar, where tens of thousands of Yazidis, a religious minority group closely allied with the Kurds, have sought refuge. ...

Administration officials said on Thursday that the crisis on Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq had forced their hand. Some 40 children have already died from the heat and dehydration, according to Unicef, while as many as 40,000 people have been sheltering in the bare mountains without food, water or access to supplies. ...

For Mr. Obama, the suffering of the refugees on the mountainside appeared to be a tipping point. He spoke in harrowing terms about their dire circumstances, saying thousands of people were “hiding high up on the mountain, with little but the clothes on their backs.”

“They’re without food, they’re without water,” he said. “People are starving. And children are dying of thirst. These innocent families are faced with a horrible choice: descend the mountain and be slaughtered, or stay and slowly die of thirst and hunger.”

As Cenk Uygur points out, the religious nuts in ISIS are a danger to all religious minorities, but especially to the Yazidis, whom they call devil-worshipers.

Guess who agrees with ISIS?

Yeah, religious nuts are everywhere, huh? (This is Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, one of our home-grown hate groups.)

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