Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm back

I'm back!

Yeah, you didn't realize I was gone, huh? Well, my computer has been in the shop all week, and it's seemed like months to me!

Of course, it's not unusual that I skip a few days blogging, especially in the summer. And I posted a lot last weekend - mostly because I couldn't play games (video card problem).

Meanwhile, with my computer being down, you would have thought I'd be caught up on everything non-computer related, huh? If you didn't know me, I mean... :)

Well, it's certainly not going to get done now!


Jim Harris said...

Bill, have you never thought of having a backup computer? Or at least a tablet? I have three desktops, one laptop, two tablets and an iPod touch. (And I want more!!!)

WCG said...

That sounds great, Jim, but I'd rarely have any use for a backup computer. It just wouldn't make any sense, especially since a backup would have to be kept updated.

Heck, I've got my old computer in the basement, but it's Windows XP, with obsolete virus protection. It wasn't worth messing with, not for just a few days.

Admittedly, it's not fun to be without a computer even that long, given that I don't even have a smart phone. But mostly, I was just whining. :)

Jim Harris said...

A tablet to have laying around the house, especially near the TV is nice to have. And it can keep you connected when your main rig is down.

WCG said...

Jim, I haven't even turned on my TV in two years or more. Even when my computer was down, I just never thought of it.

I'm a big fan of backups, but it doesn't make any sense to buy something I'll never use, just because I might use it someday. If I ever do need one, I could always buy it then.