Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A huge, steaming Trump

OK, here's some more Trump. That's all I can manage today. Sorry, guys, but I haven't been able to post anything about the Planned Parenthood shooting. It's just too depressing.

Yeah, Republicans nationwide have hammered America with their lies about 'baby parts' and 'baby killers' over and over and over again - for their own political advantage, of course - until one of the gullible idiots who believe that stuff, less stable than most, decides to do 'God's will' with his AK-47 (which everyone in America needs for the coming race war, apparently).

It's right-wing Christian terrorism, but no one will say that. Indeed, Republican politicians and media outlets have been busy rationalizing away their lies. Ted Cruz claims the shooter was a "transgender leftist activist." Carly Fiorina calls this deranged white Christian a "protester" and compares murder to Black Lives Matter activists (who've also been taking fire from right-wing racists - literally - recently).

None of this is funny. It's not just random lunatics, either. Republican candidates for President of the United States lie with impunity. Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz - these people are leading in the GOP. Their lies don't matter in the slightest.

Even the most hilarious lies don't matter at all, because the Republican Party doesn't care about the truth. Not even slightly. The Republican Party is entirely faith-based. Reality doesn't matter in the slightest to them.

And lest you forget, this isn't a fringe group. It's one of America's two political parties. It's backed by wealthy billionaires, corporations, and Wall Street - most of whom just want to use the crazies for their own financial benefit. The GOP controls my state, lock, stock, and barrel - and plenty of other states, too. They even control two of the three branches of our federal government.

None of this is funny. OK, I can still laugh at Donald Trump, but only barely. Remember, he's still leading - leading - the other crazies in the Republican primary for President of the United States!

What has happened to my country?


Mary Smith said...

The Republican Party should call themselves what they really are..Christian Fundamentalist Party. And the democrats could be The Everyone Else Party. In reality, that's what it is.

jeff725 said...

And to add to that depression, the victims in Colorado aren't even cold yet when the California shootings happened. And since the shooters were Muslim, NOW it's terrorism according to the Right.

....and then there's THIS:

Remember that "Sword of Damocles" I wanted to drop on Jody P. in the LJS (what would be your "final solution" to the liberal problem?)? Looks like Ted Nugent just gave me my answer.

If anybody plays the "both sides do it" card on you, drop that nugget on them. As progressives, we want conservatives discredited and kept away from the levers of power. But the conservatives want us DEAD. Big difference.

jeff725 said...

Dammit, my computer won't cooperate. Try this link:

WCG said...

I don't know, Mary. The GOP wouldn't be so dangerous if it were just Christian fundamentalists. It's the combination of billionaires and corporations using the religious nuts, the racists, and the other assorted crazies which make them such a problem.

Of course, the crazies are also using the billionaires. It goes both ways. (And some belong to both groups, of course.) But remember that the whole 'Southern strategy' of the GOP was developed not to help racists, but to advance the goals of the wealthy who bankroll the politicians.

They used that power to give tax cuts to the rich. They didn't even try to bring back racial segregation - not officially, at least. Supposedly, they even oppose racism - officially.

At first, they got the support of the racists and the religious nuts just through rhetoric - and maybe throwing them a bone occasionally. But over time, the crazies filled the party, driving out the non-crazy, so they have way too much power now.

But they're still working together. As long as they get what they want, the moneyed interests who bankroll the Republican Party will work with the crazies who make up the GOP base. And the politicians will do whatever advances their own careers.

After all, these were the people willing to use racism for political advantage. Anyone unhappy with that - anyone with principles - has already left the party.

So the Republican Party ends up filled with people like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, etc.

That should end the GOP right there. But the wealthy still want their tax cuts and their privileges. And our corporate media still wants its profits. Crazies by themselves aren't nearly as dangerous as crazies being used by other interests for financial and political advantage.

WCG said...

I don't know, Jeff. I hate to give any more publicity to Ted Nugent. Nugent is one of those 'celebrities' who makes a living being outrageous.

Nothing is too crazy for him, because his niche is the crazy part of America. He's like Ann Coulter in that way. For those people, any publicity is good publicity, because crazy is exactly what they're going for.

It's no surprise that he was a guest of Alex Jones when he said that, either. Crazy is Alex Jones' bread and butter. Crazy is the whole point of Alex Jones.

Most Republican politicians try to stay at arms length. (Mike Huckabee is one notable exception, but Huckabee is only running for president to increase his star power among the crazy, himself.)

But this still helps the Republican Party. Ted Nugent will appeal to the crazies who vote Republican, but won't turn off the mainstream if he just rants on the sidelines.

Face it, the GOP has a lot of experience in using crazy people - racists, religious nuts, hysterics, gun nuts - for its own political advantage (i.e. to advance the interests of the wealthy).

And the mainstream media - our corporate media - won't make the connection, because they make money from this, too.

So I hate to pay attention to Ted Nugent, Jeff. That's exactly what he wants. Admittedly, making the connection between Nugent and the rest of the Republican Party can be helpful.