Wednesday, December 30, 2015

That would explain it

Note that I very much respect your right to hold those beliefs, whether I find them ridiculous or not. But I do not respect the beliefs themselves.

If you expect me to respect your beliefs, please back them up with evidence.


Jim Harris said...

Even without evidence, I find it hard to admire religious people who don't take their teachings seriously. If they want to embrace a philosophy that is detached from reality, they should work to make it consistent and ethical. People generally use their religious beliefs to justify their own desires. How can any Christian rationalize owning a gun or living in a mansion?

WCG said...

Well, Jim, faith-based thinking is all about believing what you want to believe. I agree, you really have to wonder about Christians who can rationalize anything, but they seem to have no problem doing so.

Of course, it helps that the Bible is full of contradictions. There are messages for every taste, if you just cherry-pick the ones you prefer and ignore or rationalize away the others.