Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Donald Trump's white nationalist supporters

Seth Meyers is getting better all the time, isn't he? I really enjoy his 'Closer Look' segments.

You know, racism in America has been flourishing ever since Barack Obama was elected president. Remember how Republicans tried to tell us that racism is over? Well, the absolute hysteria about our first black president - including bizarre birther claims and even more bizarre accusations that he's a Muslim - has clearly demonstrated what a lie that is.

But it's actually getting worse, not better. Racism is mainstream in today's GOP. Donald Trump, after all, is leading in the Republican primaries for president of the United States. Republicans seem to be getting more bigoted, not less.

And lately, the comments on YouTube videos have become even more blatantly racist. Sure, trolls are nothing new. You don't want to read YouTube comments if you want to maintain any hope for the future. But I swear, it's worse now, with Trump leading in the polls. It's like the bigots are encouraging each other. It's not pretty at all.


jeff725 said...

Speaking of which, have you been monitoring the militia thing up in Oregon? What a (bleeping) joke!!

These supposed rough, tough "patriots" who supposedly are survivalists are crying for care packages from people. Whatever they had in mind, it seems to have been poorly planned out and poorly executed. I remember a comment about the Bundy incident of a couple of years ago from a retired Army officer: "Amatuers talk tactics, professionals talk logistics."

Did you see the video of that Jon Ritzheimer guy flipping out because they were getting boxes of EDIBLE dildos? That was (bleeping)

(My not-so-humble opinion: Jon Ritzheimer is a chickenshit coward and a disgrace to the Marine Corps)

People are wondering why the Feds aren't doing anything about them. Either they don't want another Ruby Ridge incident or, at the very least, they're thinking "They'll go home when they're hungry, Mommy."

WCG said...

I heard that people were sending them dildos, Jeff. Hilarious! Now they won't need their guns. :)

That's got to be expensive, though. I'd just send them boxes of dog shit. (Is it legal to send dog shit through the mail? I've never checked.)

It's not just that the Feds are doing nothing about them, but that they're free to go into town for whatever they want, then return. And the electricity hasn't even be cut off! (At the very least, the Feds could screw with them by irregularly interrupting their electricity.)

Yeah, like terrorists anywhere, they're trying to provoke an incident, I suppose. But can you imagine they'd get such gentle treatment if they were black or Muslim?

Keep in mind that the Feds let Cliven Bundy win, when he recruited 'militia men' to point weapons at government officials. He still raises cattle on government land with no interference. He still owes more than a million dollars in grazing fees and fines.

Armed rebellion against the United States worked for him, and it's still working. So of course his sons are exporting it elsewhere.

I don't know what the government's plan might be, but I hope that someone has a plan. These chickenshits talk tough, but they have guns because they're cowards. (If you really wanted to inspire Americans to rise up against a tyrannical government, you'd want the government to shoot unarmed protesters, not the other way around.)

But swaggering around with their precious guns, with the news media hanging on every word, is exactly what these chickenshits want. And so far, where's the downside? I mean, except for getting dildos in the mail.

Mary said...

I just read that the head guy, is "on a mission from God".....oh boy, the intellect of these redneck yahoos!

Jim Harris said...

I put that video on my Facebook page.