Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rapper says the Earth is flat

Are we Americans getting dumber? No, I doubt it. It may seem like that sometimes, but these people have always been with us. They just find it easier to publicize their stupidity these days.

Maybe this is just a publicity gimmick, I don't know. As the Los Angeles Times says:
Did we mention B.o.B. is promoting a new album? Well he is. But he insists those things are definitely not related.

So far, B.o.B. -- nee Bobby Ray Simmons -- has posted almost 50 images of the supposedly flat planet, along with quotes from the 2014 book "The Flat Earth Conspiracy" by Eric Dubay.

(Dubay is known for his series of YouTube videos, including a two-hour production that claims to offer “200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball.” He also denies the existence of evolution, nuclear bombs, gravity and the Holocaust.)

But hey, you can make a living as a professional crazy person. Just ask Alex Jones, among many others.

Of course, it doesn't have to be about money (though it usually is). If you really want to be a celebrity, being batshit crazy is a good way to get attention, too. He could just be trolling.


Mary said...

Self destruction of our species is not necessarily only done by environmental pollution, nuclear, chemical and biological warfare, pandemics or a galactic event. The dumbing down of the US and all the world is just as dangerous and insidious with long range and even permanent repercussions.

WCG said...

Yes, Mary, but as I say, these people have always been with us. It's just easy for kooky people to get noticed now.

And I do suspect that this is just a publicity stunt, too. He has certainly received a lot of free publicity from this, hasn't he? I'd never even heard of him before this.

Either way, this demonstrates human nature,... but I wouldn't give up on humanity just yet. :)