Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Seth Meyers: extreme weather and climate change

One of the worst indictments of our political process is that climate change hasn't been a major - perhaps even the major - issue in the presidential campaign.

Of course, Republicans don't 'believe' in science. As much harm as they've done to our country by using racism for political advantage, they've done at least as much damage by making science a partisan political issue.

These days, it's a matter of faith in the GOP to reject reality. But worse than that, it's not just religious faith, but political faith. To be a Republican in good standing, you have to reject reality in favor of Republican Party dogma.

That's why there are "both sides," when it comes to climate change. There aren't two sides to the science. There aren't two sides to the reality of climate change, no more than there are two sides to evolution. The 'controversy' is entirely between reality and fantasy, or perhaps between fantasy and wishful-thinking.

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