Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seth Meyers: the new Trump

As usual, this is great. Seth Meyers just gets better and better, doesn't he?

However, I wanted to particularly note this:
But "Says who?" isn't just a dumb Trump supporter's response to a few polls. It's the right's reaction to everything, from climate change to unemployment numbers to health care. "Says who?" is the product of decades of work by [Roger] Ailes and others to dismiss facts that don't align with their worldview.

Amen. The Republican Party has become not just the anti-science party, but the anti-fact party. It's become entirely faith-based. Reality is just whatever they want it to be.

And Trump supporters are the perfect example of this. They don't care what Trump says, what the facts say, or about anything at all but what they want to be true.

But those are the kinds of people the Republican Party has been wooing and encouraging for decades. Is it really surprising that those are exactly the kinds of people who are left in the GOP after all this time?

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